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MemoryTributary is a MemoryStream replacement using multiple memory segments to store the content of the stream, as opposed to the single byte array of MemoryStream. It is designed to be a complete replacement, capable of handling the large datasets that MemoryStream cannot.

Why use MemoryTributary?

This article contains a full explanation of the issue that MemoryTributary is attempting to solve, but in summary:
  • MemoryTributary makes more efficient use of available address space, allowing for larger streams.
  • MemoryTributary never has to re-allocate or copy memory, making it more efficient when writing.

Getting & Using MemoryTributary

MemoryTributary derives from Stream and can be used anywhere a Stream can.
The source consists of just one file (get this from Source Code), MemoryTributary.cs: copy this into your project, compile and go!

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